A collection of reports out of Nevada’s statehouse in Carson City.

“From health care transparency to a public option, lawmakers largely drilled into non-pandemic health care issues in 2021 session” | The Nevada Independent | June 27, 2021

“After years of incremental health care reform, more than $200 million in budget cuts threaten to turn back time” | The Nevada Independent | July 9, 2020

“‘A lot of little things’: Incremental health policy changes favored over sweeping reform in 2019 legislative session” | The Nevada Independent | June 16, 2019

“’Elephant in the room’: How property taxes became one of the least talked about issues of the 2019 session” | The Nevada Independent | May 26, 2019

“Speaker on surprise ER billing measure: When ‘nobody is abundantly happy, you probably did a good thing’” | The Nevada Independent | April 10, 2019

“Speaking Up: How 57 people ended one lawmaker’s pattern of misconduct at the Legislature” | The Nevada Independent | Dec. 8, 2017

“A history of harassment: Past legislative leaders explain why Manendo faced few consequences for misbehavior” | The Nevada Independent | Dec. 8, 2017

“As controversial legislation stalls, immigration debate looms large over Nevada” | The Nevada Independent | April 2, 2017